Blog Posts

At Heartland Soles we are passionate about helping each person find everything to help them reach their health and fitness goals. We understand that our customers are people and we want to help each person reach their potential by providing as many resources to them as we can!

We feature blog posts from Stefanie on nutrition, Kyle on training tips, Madison on shoe reviews, and Lindsey on running postpartum. You can read a bio on each person below!

Stefanie is currently studying to become a Sports Dietician. She loves to help others learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoys posting food photos on her Instagram account - @IowaKitchen. She will often use this space to provide nutritional information for runners, share recipes, and be an encouragement for those trying to eat well!

Kyle has worked as a cross country and track & field coach at Grand View University for the past few years. He has helped train some of the most successful athletes for the Vikings and enjoys helping others reach their goals and achieve new PRs!

Madison is a manager at Heartland Soles and previously ran for the University of Iowa. She has tried nearly every shoe brand out there! She loves getting to try new shoes out and is happy to share those experiences with others who may be wondering about a certain brand or shoe.

Lindsey, one of our store owners, now has two children - Layla who will be 2 years old this fall and Kauffman who was born at the end of January. As a former Division I runner for the University of New Mexico and a 6-time NAIA All-American, Lindsey has goals to run a marathon in the next few years and wants to be an encouragement for other moms getting back into running.