The Starting Line

There are so many nicknames for the roles many of us have taken on in our current society... a few that apply to me personally would be motherrunner, mompreneuer, and to be honest, dreamer. I've found myself in a place I can truly say I did not expect. I own two running stores in the Heartland, I have two babies that keep me at a constant state of exhaustion and overflowing with love, and I'm taking on training for a marathon. My husband, Jordan, and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on June 13th and of course we had to laugh about the fact that 4 years ago neither of us would have guessed we would be where we are today. At that time the running stores were a distant dream (little did we know that we would open our first one just over a year later), babies were definitely a long way down the road (we got pregnant almost exactly a year and a half later), and a dream of taking on a full-time running career was my top priority. We had no idea that 4 years later this is what our lives would look like. But I can also say that neither of us would change a single thing about where we are today!

I want this blog space to be an encouragement to others in so many ways. I will be sharing my journey of postpartum running - the struggles, the joys, and the not-so-pretty truth bombs that tend to hit me in the middle of runs. Stefanie will be sharing some awesome recipes and nutrition tips to help you be encouraged with your fueling and food journey. Kyle will be sharing tips on training and staying injury free, including goal setting, stretching, strength training, and more. And Madison will be sharing her reviews on shoes and other products that are available for runners right here in the Heartland. Welcome, friend.... whether you're planning to join us for a group run or your reading this over your lunch break, we hope that you will feel inspired, encouraged, and ready for whatever your next health and fitness journey is! 


by Lindsey Andrews